Screw iTunes Match and Grab the Free Google Music On Your iPhone With This Awesome App

By Sam Gibbs on at

Android has a really solid, free streaming option now that Google Music's finally launched in the UK, but what about iPhone users? They've been left out in the cold, until now. GoMusic puts Google Music on your iPhone, native style.

OK, you've been able to access Google Music through mobile Safari for a while now, but it's a pretty crappy experience. GoMusic gives you an iOS-style native Google Music app, which can do pretty much everything you could want: Playlists; Instant Mixes; offline caching of music; global search, and, of course, background music playback, is all there.

It's 69p and will hook straight into your Google Music account using proper Google authentication, essentially giving you free streaming for your existing music library. Take that iTunes Match. [iTunes via SlashGear]