Secret Elixir Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Friendly

By Andrew Liszewski on at

By now it's almost impossible to find a winter glove that doesn't work with touchscreen devices. But if you've got a favourite pair that predates the iPhone, this AnyGlove potion will let you use them with a touchscreen display without having to resort to sewing conductive thread onto the fingertips.

Just a few drops is all that's needed for your smartphone or tablet to recognize your gloved gestures. And while the liquid might stain lighter colored fabrics or yarns, it's completely invisible on darker materials. It's not permanent, though, you'll need to reapply the AnyGlove elixir as often as every few days depending on how active you are in your gloves. But a single £9.50 bottle should last until the warm summer returns. [AnyGlove via ChipChick]