Style Us Up: Top 10 fashion apps and blogs

By Your Mobile Life on at

Fashions fade, style is eternal. Thus spake Yves Saint-Laurent, who didn't need a smartphone to fake it till he made it in the style stakes. We're not all so lucky - but we do have one secret sartorial weapon that Yves didn't have: a Samsung GALAXY Note II. Load your handset up with the fashion apps and blogs below, and you'll never make another style misstep.

The Sartorialist

It's the classic fashion blog, which no self-respecting disciple at the altar of Wintour should ever be without. Blending high fashion with more attainable attire, the Sartorialist features plenty of clothes you'd actually wear coupled with pithy commentary.

Always beautiful and entertaining, you can browse the back catalogue on the GALAXY Note II's 5.5-inch screen wherever you may be.


Price: free

Fashion is 10 per cent wearing clothes, 90 per cent lusting after other people's clothes - and Pose caters to that 90 per cent by letting you follow bloggers, celebs and other users to perv over what threads they're rocking.

You can share favourite outfits and even shop for must-have items through the app. We like the idea of cutting and pasting particularly lust-worthy outfits using the S Pen and saving them to an IdeaNote - then subtly leaving them lying around when Christmas or birthdays approach…


Price: free

Taking window shopping to a whole new level, Snapette uses the GALAXY Note II's excellent camera to let you snap and share fashion finds, see other people's hidden gems, read sartorial reviews, get style tips and peruse seemingly endless photos of top togs on the lovely big screen.


Another classic style blog - the oldies really are the goodies. Facehunter has been travelling the world capturing the best of street style since 2006 so it really knows what's hot and what's not.

Described as eye candy for the style hungry, this blog will give you options beyond the traditional trends and an alternative take on what works. Chop style ideas out with the S Pen, then save them to your handset for inspiration as you shop.


Price: free

The holy grail of fashion apps, some of us would be lost without Trendstop. No other app can touch it for tracking trends, keeping up with catwalk shows, browsing high-end photo galleries galore and even submitting your own photos.

It's quite a busily-laid out app so it puts all the available screen real estate on the Note II to good use, while the HD screen plays back high-res videos with panache.

Cool Guy

Price: free

Fellas, we haven't forgotten you. In this day and age of metrosexuality and socially acceptable maroon trousers, the menfolk are more into fashion than ever before. Cool Guy lets you mix and match bits of clothing, including trying stuff you own with stuff you don't so you can see what works and whether something's worth buying.

Through the social functions, you can get feedback from friends and other contacts on the app plus there are stylist tips tailored for men. With special deals, the ability to set up a wish list and some really nice design, it's a must-have.

Stylish Girl

Price: free

Feeling hard done by girls? Don't worry, there's a female equivalent of Cool Guy - Stylish Girl. It's perfect for anyone who ever lusted after Cher's revolving wardrobe and digital outfit planner in Clueless. The S Pen lets you zip between outfit choices with ease.


Price: free

Now this could be dangerous but to save you from any serious fashion faux pas, you can crowd source fashion advice using Fashism. It'll put the GALAXY Note II's front-facing camera and giant screen to good use as you seek out the perfect angles for your ensemble.

Once you're dressed for the day, you can go back and get revenge - sorry, we mean be other users' sartorial sage.

Net a porter

Price: free

The Vogue of shopping apps. Net A Porter not only lets you buy on the fly, it also offers a wish list function, fashion news, exclusive videos and style tips - the high resolution pictures of all that couture garb looks pin-sharp on your GALAXY Note II, whether you are on Wi-Fi, or on a 3G or 4G mobile data connection.

Fashion Kaleidoscope

Price: free

It's really annoying when you see someone wearing a great outfit and you've no idea where or when or how to get your hands on it, short of ambling up to the stylish stranger and straight-up asking them.

Enter Fashion Kaleidoscope, which features thousands of top-notch instances of street style as well as letting you buy them and similar items. That's a winner in our book - sharing outfits to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook and professional fashion looks are just an added bonus.