Surprise! Chopping Down One Pirate Proxy Makes Two More Appear

By Chris Mills on at

In the latest round of internet Whac-a-Mole, two foreign Pirate Parties have leapt into action and provided two shiny new proxies to access The Pirate Bay, following the BPI shutting down the UK proxy last week with some heavy-handed legal threats. Like some kinda bad Greek monster, it seems if you cut off one head, a couple new ones sprout up in its place.

The Pirate Parties in Argentina and Luxembourg, terrified of the idea that us hardy Brits might have to go a week without torrenting anything, have jumped into action and provided two new proxies that allow British residents living under the iron fist of a Pirate Bay ban the chance to access Pirate Bay torrents. Of course, the Pirate Parties aren't putting it like that -- they're defending our rights to "freedom of expression, the right to information and the free exchange of culture". Well, I guess watching How I Met Your Mother counts as free exchange of culture, right?

Anyway, what's clear from all this is that no matter how hard they try, the BPI just isn't going to be able to stop people from getting at The Pirate Bay -- and even if they could, people would get their download fix from somewhere else. Pirates 1, lawyers 0. [TorrentFreak]