Surrey Cops Send Out the Creepiest Christmas Card Ever

By Chris Mills on at

Fun fact: Crime rates (burglaries in particular) have a nasty habit of peaking around December. Surrey Police are hoping to put a damper on thieves' smash-and-grab Christmas celebrations by sending them a little something. A joyous Christmas message that reminds them "WE KNOW WHERE YOU LIVE AND WE WILL HUNT YOU DOWN". Yes, actually. Those words.

The cards are being sent to "repeat offenders" within Surrey, with the rozzers hoping that a friendly kick up the backside might help keep a lid on the traditional Christmas break-ins. It all forms part of a wider initiative, dubbed Operation Candlelight (I do hope they're not using real candles though -- imagine the Health and Safety implications), which is all aimed at lowering crime rates throughout the autumn and winter.

Other measures include: a YouTube video in which a some poor kid's Christmas pressies get nicked; top brass using groan-inducing puns ("I would urge members of the public as they open the window of their advent calendar tomorrow morning to consider how easy it would be for a burglar to open a window or door to their house"), and a series of radio ads. Hear that criminals? Hands off our tech. Or a creepy stalker-cop from Surrey Police will "hunt you down". Like a dog. [Metro]