Tech.: Your Weekly Tech Summary for the iPad

By Chris Mills on at

We're big fans of fellow UK tech-news site TechRadar: they've got an eye for quality news, not to mention otherworldy tea-making skills (yes, we're TechRadar's stablemates in the office). The great minds behind it are now looking to soothe your overloaded tech-processing brain, with a new weekly iPad mag that summarises the whole week in tech, all in one place.

What does it do?

"Summarises and curates" the web's best opinions and reactions to new tech news. Think your own virtual butler, who cuts and pastes the best stuff from around the web and presents it to you in a beautifully bound book. Only without a top-hat. And less of an upper-class accent.

Why do we like it?

We'll be the first to admit, the sheer volume of opinion on the web can overwhelm even the most honed crap-sorting minds. The idea of this magazine is to get the best and most-informed news, opinions and videos in one place, with minimal effort to you, the dear reader. Other big plus? No more having to wrestle with mobile websites that feel like they've been designed by a team of illiterate monkeys who take their design inspiration from Salvador Dali.

Price, in human money, is £0.69 per issue, or £1.99/19.99 for a month/yearly subscription. Value to you? A million hours of your time clawed back from wrestling with badly-written drivel, slow internet connections and amusingly bad websites. All in all, bit of a winner. [Tech. for iPad]