The Internet Is Coming Back On in Syria

By Eric Limer on at

Just two days after the Syrian government cut the country off from access to the Internet, connectivity is coming back. Reports from Renesys and CloudFlare indicate that the country's connections started coming back online at 14:32 UTC today.

Renesys is confirming the restoration as "largely complete" and CloudFlare is reporting a "partial reestablishment." The BBC is also reporting that Internet is back up and running around the capital of Damascus, while CNN says that phone service has been making a comeback too.

The Syrian government had chalked up the outage both to rebel activity and good old fashioned "technical difficulties," though it seems far more likely this was an organized government shutdown. Whatever the case, it's definitely trickling back after a mercifully short two days. Whether it will stay up for long however, is anyone's guess. [The Next Web]

Image by Paul Cowan/Shutterstock