The Last Thing a Kitchen Scale Needs Is a Built-In Video Display

By Andrew Liszewski on at

Besides a sleek design or the promise of ridiculous accuracy, there's not much a company can do to differentiate a kitchen scale from the rest of the pack. Or is there? The creators of this kitchen scale think they found the key to woo customers: a built-in full color LCD display for watching videos.

Videos can be loaded via a USB flash drive or a microSD card, including the usual shared suspects like MPGs and Xvid AVIs. And while your typical digital kitchen scale can run for months on a single battery, this bad boy will be dead after two hours of watching Julia Child. Besides, if you thought wiping thumbprints off your iPhone's display was tedious, imagine battling caked on flour and other spilled ingredients. That this thing exists at all is confusing; that it costs £40 is downright ludicrous. [Donya via HomeCrux]