The Queen's Going to be Blazing Your Christmas Booze-Loaded Eyeballs in 3D This Year

By Gary Cutlack on at

The thrilling national address from that old woman who's on all the money is going to be even more exciting than usual this year, thanks to plans to broadcast the Queen's Speech in 3D for the first time.

The Queen's message to her populace was recorded last Friday, with BSkyB bringing along the necessary equipment to capture it in HD 3D. You'll be able to watch it on Sky, the BBC and ITV, should you have the necessary 3D channels and equipment, and not have resorted to locking yourself in the bathroom with your new Nexus 7 and a bottle of Baileys to escape from it all by 3.00pm on Christmas Day.

Given 2012 was the year the Queen took the world by surprise with her starring role in the London Olympics Opening Ceremony, perhaps she'll be tempted to stick a few more jokes in her round-up this time. Or she might at least move about a bit, so you can tell it's 3D. [Daily Mail]