The Top Five Twitter Fails of 2012

By Chris Mills on at

Another year is coming to an end, and here at Gizmodo we're looking to spread the Christmas cheer by providing you with a round-up of the most miscalculated Twitter campaigns and hashtags of the year. So sit back, grab the popcorn, and get ready to laugh at someone else's expense.


1.) #susanalbumparty

Storming in at first place is the hashtag that Susan Boyle initially used to promote her new album. Ok, so the PR team withdrew it pretty sharpish, but I still find it funny that some poor, hapless PR team thought that hashtag up, and didn't realise there was anything wrong with it. Winner because it can spawn images like this. (NSFW/May give you mental scarring.)


2.) #WaitroseReasons




Waitrose, every discerning posh-boy's shopping haunt, tried to drum up some social media support by asking Twitter users why they choose to spend their hard-earned (inherited?) dosh at Waitrose. Unsurprisingly, the campaign got hijacked and Waitrose got treated to a real dose of reality, with the common people showing what they really think of people who shop at Waitrose. The only boon for Waitrose is it got them a right load of publicity, which would be difficult to get from people talking about how much they like the organic grass-fed free-range ethically local cheese.


3.) #DroidRage


A last-minute entry by Microsoft. Despite the fact that for the first time in decades they've really got something to celebrate, Microsoft invited the Twittersphere to share their Android malware hate-stories under #DroidRage; the DroidRage quickly turned to Windows Rage, and everyone started posting their Windows horror stories under #windowsrage. Microsoft, if you live in a virus-infested glass house, don't put a big pile of twitter-stones outside and invite people to throw them at you. It's not gonna end well. Especially if you're then going to pretend that the whole sorry episode never happened, by posting this at the end of the day:

It's all quite pathetic. Just for the laughs, I leave you with this:


4. #McDstories

I'm Lovin' It. Not. McDonald's tried to get everyone to share all their tales of nourishment and healing from McDonalds outlets. Instead, they got an outpouring of abuse that would do the British National Party proud.


5.) #rimjobs

Another elemental hashtag fail. RIM was advertising for people to come work on board its sinking ship. In case you're more innocent, this is what Urban Dictionary has to say about what sort of jobs RIM really seems to be advertising.

Got any particular favourites? Stick 'em in the comments, we're always looking for more people to poke fun at.