This Has Gone Too Far: Gangnam Style is Killing People

By Chris Mills on at

Ok, look. We've had some fun. We did some parodies, rode our invisible horses in some seriously weird flash mobs -- even had a live wallpaper. But enough. No jokes. People are actually dying. This has gone too far.

Last night, Gangnam Style took one of our own. IT manager Eamonn Kilbride, 46, treated his workmates to a fast-paced rendition of Gangnam Style on stage, before collapsing moments later. CPR efforts to revive him failed, and he later passed away in hospital. It is currently believed that he suffered a heart attack. According to his distraught widow, Julie:

“He had just finished dancing to Gangnam Style with his pals on stage when he came back over to me. He kissed me and told me I was beautiful. He then said he was going to the toilet because he had a bit of chest pain. On the way there Eamonn saw his boss and was still laughing and joking with her. He then walked round the corner and collapsed."

Our deepest condolences to Julie and her children. Don't let Eammon's death pass unnoticed though; this Winterval, before tearing up the party with your Psy impersonation, stop. Think of Eammon. As this tragic incidence showed, dancing Gangnam Style might just damage more than your dignity. [Daily Mail]