This Is How Apple Should Do Multitasking on the iPhone

By Stuart Staves on at

If you ever thought that Apple's implementation of 'multitasking' sucked, you weren't alone. Now you can do something about it, because frankly, this awesome jailbreak tweak called Auxo is precisely how Apple should do it. In fact, Apple, just buy this and integrate it, now.

Brought from concept to reality, the tweak should be available on Cydia any minute now, allowing jailbreakers to finally do what Apple should have done. It lets you see previews of running apps, close more than just one app at a time, and also throws a whole load of quick-access settings down in the bar. It looks awesome, is miles smarter than what Apple gives you, and makes me want to Jailbreak again. Now, where's that iOS 6 untethered jailbreak? [iDownloadblog]