This is the Android iPhone We've All Been Waiting For

By Chris Mills on at

Yes, it's here. The Android-powered iphone has landed. You'll notice, though, that's 'iphone' with an itsy-bitsy lowercase 'p'. This is not Apple doing a kiss-and-make-up with Google -- it's a Brazilian phone company doing an absolutely blatant rip-off. Anyone taking bets on how long it takes Apple to sue their arses off?

The Brazilian company, by the name of Gradiente, has launched its new product (pictured below), catchily named the "Gradiente iphone Neo One". Sporting a 3.7-inch 320x480 screen, it isn't exactly Retina-quality; the 5 mexapixel camera, 700mHz processor, 2GB of internal storage and Android 2.3 don't exactly impress, either, nor is it massively cheap at around £200. Let's be honest, though, the only fun thing you could really do with this phone is try and play a giant game of hide and seek with Apple's crack SWAT teams.


Although we see a bevy of new rip-off handsets like this daily, the difference is that they're normally from within China. For a mainstream phone company in a country with mildly robust patent laws, this is a dangerous move. Gradiente, meet Apple's legal team. I'm sure you two will get on just fine. [Gradiente via Slashgear]