This Is What You Should Do With Apple Maps

By Sam Gibbs on at

Now that we've finally got the awesome Google Maps back on our iPhones, we banish that horrendous Apple Maps from our consciousness. The problem is, you can't actually delete it, so this is what you should do with it. Send it where it belongs.


Step 1: Make yourself at least four random, useless bookmarks on your home screen


Step 2: Put Apple Maps it in a folder (use one of the random bookmarks)


Step 3: Appropriately name that folder


Step 4: Spread out the remaining bookmarks out each onto a blank homescreen


Step 5: Bung that heinous failure on another blank homescreen


Step 6: Never scroll far enough to the right to see it . Ever. Again.

Relax in the knowledge, that unless you click on a link somewhere else that opens Apple maps, and Google's got a fix for that too, you'll never have to see that POS ever again. Unless, you know, you want to torture yourself or something. I guess you might want to get lost intentionally? Maybe.

Image credit: Hell from Shutterstock