This is Why You Don't Screw With the Oatmeal

By Chris Mills on at

Look, here's a tip: if you don't like the Oatmeal, keep it to yourself. If you really do have to write an article personally attacking the author though, make sure you research the hell out of it. Or this will happen.

Buzzfeed contributor Jack Stuef wrote a fairly wordy article attacking Matthew Inman, the creator of The Oatmeal comics that we all know and love. Problem is, for such a vicious piece of work, it was also ridiculously badly researched. Small children have done better thought-out crayon drawings. It was littered with factual errors, and Stuef even found a social media profile (on some random website that no-one's even ever heard of) that he said was of Inman -- in fact it was some poor, completely unrelated bloke and his innocent wife.

Inman retaliated in true Oatmeal style: an incredibly long, and 'frankly' worded blog post, taking the original article in all its glory and tearing it into bloody chunks. He then went on to do a personal attack on Mr Stuef himself. It's quite gory. If you're a fan of watching the internet equivalent of a hyena ripping chunks from a poor, dead animal, click on through. [The Oatmeal]