This Polaroid Look-a-Like Packs Modern Digital Guts

By Andrew Liszewski on at

The Impossible Project brought the Polaroid instant camera back from the dead, but it turns out that resurrection comes with an extremely high price tag. So if you've always liked the looks of Polaroid's iconic SX-70, you can now grab a smaller, cheaper, digitalier version of it.

Carbon's One Mini has a five megapixel sensor, an optical viewfinder, PictBridge support for almost-instant hard copies, a microSD card slot, and the option to superimpose a Polaroid-like frame over your digital images. Other than that it's pretty bare-bones, which makes the £80 pricetag a tough one to swallow unless you're a die-hard Polaroid devotee with digital tendencies.

This Polaroid Look-a-like Packs Modern Digital Guts

[Carbon via PetaPixel via High Snobiety]