Thrilling iPhone 5S Leak Shows Screws in Different Places

By Gary Cutlack on at

Some photos claiming to be of the inside of the next Apple iPhone have emerged, showing that the next iPhone will at least have its screw holes in different parts of the chassis. We have reached a new low in tech spec leaks.

And yes, that's about all to be gained from the images of the supposed casing of the next iPhone, which popped up on suspiciously SEO-friendly forum The pictures also show the rear of the device, which is identical to the backside of the iPhone 5, leading component fans to claim this year's Apple mobile will be little more than an iterative "iPhone 5S" style of update.

iPhone design boss Jony Ive has been rather busier of late what with his rise up the Apple command chain, so perhaps he fancies a year off from thinking up new sides and buttons for telephones? [Cnet vis Nowhereelse]