Tokyoflash's Latest Has Us Caught in a Web of Time

By Abi Legge on at

Have you grown tired of keeping a steadfast hold on time? Does your mind cloud with the mundane prospect of glancing at your wrist watch and immediately knowing how late you are? Tokyoflash has been working hard to alleviate your boredom, and with its latest watch design, you’ll never be quite sure what the time really is. Problem solved, right?

Inspired by the concentric rings of a spider’s web, the £99 Kisai Spider uses hexagonal rings to present the time in a way that, in true Tokyoflash-style, is worlds away from your typical digital watch. Each ring represents a digit, reading inwards from the outer ring to the centre. You can choose whether it displays the time in 12 or 24-hour mode, and every 15 minutes an animation appears, imitating a spider’s web being spun (though you can turn it off in the settings if you're a real arachnophobe). The LCD itself comes in black, blue, green or red, while the watch strap comes in black or silver. Classy.

My verdict: it'll take a while to get used to, but it's not a totally impossible feat, unlike some of Tokyoflash's other efforts. More importantly, it makes you look like a true hero -- if anyone asks you for the time, then catches sight of the Spider you're nonchalantly reading from, chances are they'll hold you in pretty high regard from now on.

Hang on, you scream, isn't this a paradox? Aren't inventions supposed to make your life easier? Yet against all odds, Tokyoflash has managed to capture us yet again in its innovative web of watch-making. And if it hasn't converted you yet, don't worry; it's only a matter of time. [Tokyoflash]