Top apps to nab the best sales bargains

By Your Mobile Life on at

The expansive screen on the GALAXY Note II makes tracking down bargains easy; you have the power to do all your New Year shopping in your hand.

Whether you're on the go, snuggled up in bed with a Christmas hangover or simply relaxing in a coffee shop, bargain hunting has never been so hassle-free or so much fun.

To make it even easier for you to make the most of the post-Christmas sales bonanza, we've rounded up the 10 best free bargain-hunting apps for the Samsung GALAXY Note II. Let money saving commence!

Basket Buddy

Price: Free

Discount and deals site Hot UK Deals already has its own application (here), but Basket Buddy, from the same people, adds an extra layer to what the main app does by displaying where all the deals are in comparison to you on a Google map using the phone's GPS.

This means if there are any exciting post-Christmas deals in your area you can use the phone's plentiful display to quickly and easily find them. The deals include printable coupons, discounts and freebies from all your local supermarket, so any stock left over from Christmas is quite likely to be featured on this app. And the discounts and tips are crowdsourced by a community of over 600,000 UK consumers, so you should never miss out on a special offer close to you ever again.



Price: Free

Free shopping app RedLaser is doing something right as it's already been downloaded over 22 million times. It's a barcode and QR scanner, albeit an incredibly accurate one, which will find and share with you the best prices on the product you are interested in from stores close to you and online.

If the price is good enough, you can also choose to buy direct from your phone. This app carries more information than most barcode scanners including product reviews, specifications, and even gluten and allergy information.



Price: Free

Found a good deal in the Christmas sales but want to make sure it's not cheaper online? Why not use the Amazon app to compare the price you are being offered with the price available from Amazon and its partners.

Using the product name, built-in barcode scanner or even just by taking a picture of the product with the GALAXY Note II’s 8-megapixel camera brings up its Amazon equivalent. If it is cheaper on Amazon then you can buy the product straight from your phone. It's also very useful for providing-on the-spot reviews of a product you have found in the sales.



Price: Free

ShopSavvy was the original android barcode scanner and some still argue the best. Just point the Note II’s impressive snapper at the barcode of the product you want to find a good price for and the app will find you the best online and retail shop prices for it (and lets you buy direct from the phone).

ShopSavvy has a large database of barcode scans which is being added to all the time by an active community who if they find one missing can add their own. It also lets you shop locally, providing the name, address and directions to local suppliers who can provide the product you want at the cheapest price.



Price: Free

It is quite likely that any unwanted Christmas presents are going to end up on the eBay auction site. And the free Official eBay Android App puts the power of eBay into the palm of your hand, including the ability to buy, bid on, track and receive notifications about the product you are interested in.

It also has a barcode scanner so if you're looking for that one particular gift you can find out if somebody else got it for Christmas but doesn't want it by searching the whole of eBay with one quick scan.


Google Shopper

Price: Free

This is Google's one-stop-shop for your phone shopping experience. With information on millions of products Google Shopper can find the product you're interested in buying via barcode scan, voice description, text search or taking a picture of the cover art.

It will then bring up the best prices from the Google shopping database and also provide details on local sales and deals. The picture-led design lends itself very nicely to the Note II’s amply sized screen too.



Price: Free

Think you’ve found a bargain but want to make sure? The PriceGrabber mobile android app puts the price comparison powers of the PriceGrabber website at your fingertips, letting you quickly compare prices on millions of products from thousands of online merchants. With product reviews, a barcode scanner for price comparison on the fly and even a gift suggester, you should never be short of a post-Christmas bargain with this app.



Price: Free

This month's unsold Christmas stock is often next month’s deals website’s offerings. Groupon provides a daily deal or discount available in your local city straight to your phone, and you can customise the deals you receive to fit your preferences. The app lets you buy and redeem vouchers, share deals with your friends and saves you the bother of printing out vouchers at with the app installed they are available to be shown to the retailer using your phone.



Price: Free

Another city discount deals app worth checking out for post-Christmas bargains is the one from LivingSocial. Like Groupon, it provides daily deals linked to your local city and using the ‘Instant’ facility it will use the Note II’s GPS to tell you about LivingSocial deals close to you if you are visiting another city.


Online Shopping UK

Price: Free

Wouldn't it be nice if you could compare prices in most well known retail outlets both on the high street and online in one place? Welcome to Online Shopping UK where prices from everyone from Marks & Spencer and Argos to Play and Amazon can be seen and compared all within the one app. With Online Shopping UK you can make sure your favourite retailer isn't ripping you off in the sales with one quick easy lookup.