Torrential Rain Actually Causes Fire

By Sam Gibbs on at

Today's the day when everyone and their Mums are packing. Packing and heading off for Christmas that is, but it's not been the best of starts for the holiday exodus. Apparently, torrential rain actually managed to cause a fire at Acton, cancelling trains in their droves out of Paddington. Good old British weather.

I'm not quite sure how rain causes fire, other than electrical shorts, but apparently it did. The fire was so bad, everything consumed in the equipment room at Acton will have to be re-built from the ground up. No trains ran from Paddington to Heathrow, causing more misery than normal on the Piccadilly line as hundreds crammed onto the tube.

And there we thought it was just "unseasonal" cold weather that could nuke our trains. [Telegraph, This Is Plymouth]

Image credit: Fire from Shutterstock