Trojan Is Handing Out Free Vibrators Again — This Time to All the Nerds at CES

By Kyle Wagner on at

Maybe you heard Trojan was handing out free vibrators in New York this summer, and Washington DC this Autumn? It was a really popular giveaway. The next step, it seems is giving tech nerds some tools for love.

Trojan Vibrations tells us it's giving away "thousands" of Pulse (£25) and Tri-Phoria (£35) vibrators at CES. The giveaway is happening on January 8th and 9th at CES, at Trojan's booth (South Hall 2 – Booth 26437). Just be advised there will probably be a queue, and it will probably look a lot like the rest of CES.

Trojan is almost a regular at CES at this point, and condoms can actually be really techy. And hey, it'll definitely be more fun than some of the other pitstops at CES. [Trojan Vibrations]