Tycoon Tussles: Branson Wants a £1 Million Bet With BA's Boss, He Just Wants To Kick Him in the Balls

By Chris Mills on at

Which would you like more? £1 million, or the chance to knee the long-haired Virgin Atlantic owner in the family jewels? If you're the boss of British Airways, it's quite clearly the latter.

There's been a bit of a spat going on in the aviation world over the past few days. First, the head of British Airways, Willie Walsh (am I the only one who thinks Willie Wonka every time I hear his name?), claimed Virgin Atlantic would vanish in a few years. Then, Branson offered BA a £1 million bet (to be paid to the staff of the respective airline -- so Branson would be paying £1 million to be spread among all the BA staff) that he'd still be alive and kicking in a few years. The irrepressible Mr Walsh replied that just taking £1 million from Branson wouldn't hurt him -- but what would is administering a healthy kick to the nuts, or as he put it "a knee in the groin".

Richard, please, please accept this bet. Though I'd quite like to see the pain on your face if you had to pay out £1 million to BA's staff (and maybe your staff would stop going on strike all the time), there's honestly nothing I'd like to see more than either of the airline bosses getting kneed in the balls. The only way it could get any better would be if it then degraded into a cagefight/rap battle between the two. [Guardian]