Valve's Definitely Making a Steam Box and It's Going to Take On the PS4 and Xbox

By Sam Gibbs on at

Rumours have been circulating for ages that Valve's going to try and shove a Steam Box under your tele, but now we have the word from Gabe Newell himself. Valve's making a gaming PC for your living room and it's going to take on the next-generation PlayStation and Xbox. Console versus PC gaming all over again.

The Steam Box will boot directly to Steam's Big Picture mode, and it'll be a very controlled console-like experience. But Valve won't be the only Steam Box manufacturer, apparently, which means there should be many more generically PC-based options out there, just running Steam. We've already seen Alienware enter this kind of market with the awesome-looking X51.

It sounds like the big kick up the arse the PC gaming industry has needed for ages now, and Valve's one of the only companies I reckon can actually pull it off. Would you buy a Steam Box? If it's priced like a console, I have to say I'd be sorely tempted. [Kotaku]