Waterstones Kindle Paperwhite Comes With Permanent Ads... For Waterstones

By Gary Cutlack on at

Buyers of the Kindle Paperwhite who purchased their readers through Waterstones aren't very happy, thanks to the book chain adding its own adverts to the device's lock screen -- even though it costs the same amount as the ad-free model sold through Amazon.

The Paperwhite sells for £109 on Amazon and in physical Waterstones branches, with units bought through the latter coming with a banner for the book chain in place of the Amazon screensaver. Waterstones claims this isn't actually an advert, because it's a "non-dynamic, static image" that's more of a branding exercise than an advert, so shouldn't be considered an ad by users.

However, user reviews left on the Waterstones site see one particular Paperwhite buyer complaining of feeling "betrayed" by the move, which the buyer claims offers a "greatly reduced experience". [Tom's Hardware]