What Movies Think of Photographers

By Casey Chan on at

What do you think of photographers in real life? Guys and girls with awesome jobs? Creepy paparazzi who sell their soul to TMZ? Truth tellers? Lighting obsessed? Here is how movies portray photographers.

The supercut of Hollywood movies was made by English artists Mishka Henner and David Oates. They watched over a hundred movies involving photographers in some way and spliced 'em all together into one sequence. Henner told Wired:

"Blow-Up, Peeping Tom and Full Metal Jacket stand head and shoulders above the rest for the sheer quality of cinematography, storytelling, and the performances. But it's impossible not to like even the worst performances and characterizations – being a photographer is complicated and even the worst stereotypes contain grains of truth"

It's definitely interesting to see photographers in front of the camera since they're so often behind it. Read more about the project here [Wired]