RIP: What Was Your Favourite Sir Patrick Moore Moment?

By Chris Mills on at

Yesterday afternoon saw the sad demise of the living-legend that was Sir Patrick Moore, instantly recognisable to any fans of amateur astronomy as the host of BBC's long-running The Sky at Night, not to mention GamesMaster. Over here at Giz UK, we're deeply saddened to hear of his passing. To remind you all what a wonderful man he was, we've gathered a collection of his best moments; what are yours?

Sir Patrick was best known in the UK as the host of The Sky at Night, an amateur astronomy programme, which he hosted for some 55 years, only missing one broadcasting ever owing to illness -- better than the rest of us malingering slackers. His most loved characteristic was the ability to explain ridiculously complicated phenomena with ease -- you try likening the Milky Way to a giant fried egg!

The other place we at Giz UK remember him from is as the somewhat terrifying Games Master on the Channel 4 classic GamesMaster. He was the disembodied head in the sky that was THE Games Master, passing down knowledge in his frighteningly distinguished accent to petrified youngsters. To whippersnapper young gamers everywhere, he was an inspiration, and better yet, the dispenser of cheats.

We're aware that this is only the tip of the Sir Patrick iceberg though; he was a prolific writer and broadcaster, with rather fervent and outspoken opinions on politics -- so share your favourite memories and moments from his career below.

Image credit: BBC