Which Talentless Commenter Won Themselves a Sony Xperia Go?

By Chris Mills on at

In this last of our Crimbo Commenting Challenges, we invited you all -- young, old, sick, lame, witty and banterless, to compete on an unusually fair and level playing field. Rather than relying on some modicum of skill, this challenge just needed you to leave one paltry comment in order to win. So, which lucky waster managed to snag themselves a shiny new phone?

Anyway, with no further ado, our lucky winner (selected at random), and the soon-to-be-proud owner of a Sony Xperia Go is... irononreverse, who apparently is looking forward to 48fps being the new standard in cinemas. Oh, you Hobbit-lover you. Still, thanks to everyone who submitted a comment -- despite the low standard for entry, we still got some rather... interesting responses.