Working on the go made easy

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The modern worker isn’t one that’s chained to a desk; today is all about meetings on the go, taking in emails whenever you have an idle moment and looking at all manner of rich media.

Many smartphones are adequate at handling all manner of communication, file types and applications, but that doesn’t mean they’re all as useful for the worker on the go.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II, with its expansive screen, S Pen and oodles of internal grunt, is the ideal companion to make the most of your time when you’re working, giving you more time to spend on yourself when it matters.

Let’s take a look at the key apps and functions that make the GALAXY Note II the obvious choice for those that need speed, convenience and power at all times.

“The Note II's screen size, resolution and the phone's sheer power are what make it particularly useful as an on-the-go work device,” says Will Andrews, a freelance writer. The writer points to a number of inbuilt apps as reasons to pick up the Note II, such as S Note, Quick Command and the speedy camera, all of which help him to manage his hours more efficiently:

“Its extra screen inches mean less flicking about, hence less extraneous effort and less wasted time.

“I found the S Pen to be a great addition, although typing using the Swype keyboard is actually preferable in some situations. But it’s great to have so many options.”

S Note what you do, it’s the way that you do it

But what is it about these apps that gives you such power on the hop? With S Note, you’re not only getting a sketch pad that you can use to doodle ideas or plan documents – you’ve got a formula manager, a handwriting-to-text tool as well as the option to create shapes and ideas relevant to your work. If you need, a voice memo tool will allow you to keep an audio record of everything you’ve been working on as well.

Everything you need to get started is available in either a template, so you don’t have to worry about getting your head around all the options available, or a blank sheet so you can get cracking on working in the way you need to.

All of these are held together in one easy app, and from S Note you can save your work in all manner of formats, as well as using it to create calendar appointments for the future – which is invaluable when you’re going to be using your Note II at the next meeting.

And if the process of your working is as much a part of the job as the end result, then Samsung’s got you covered as well there, thanks to the ‘Record’ function on the Note II. Simply tap the button before getting to work with the S Pen and your every stroke will be saved as a file you can share in multiple ways, meaning the people that need to see how you arrived at your document won’t be left in the dark.

Bringing pictures to life

“As a freelance graphical artist, I need to be able to use inspiration from all around to help me make the most of my days,” explains Louise Kelley. “I was sceptical at first, but I found it really easy to cut pictures out of web pages that I wanted to use in a scrap book using the S Pen.

"All I have to do is hold down the S Pen button on the side to activate the clipping mode, then freely crop the picture I want before saving it into my scrapbook."

Louise also uses the camera in the same way; with the inbuilt photo editor on the Note II, any picture can be cropped or cut from using either the S Pen or your own finger input, meaning you can use multiple objects very easily across the apps.

And of course there’s the power of the S Planner app – it might sound mundane to some, but combined with the might of the email application you’ve got one of the most intelligent tools on the market for managing your time and communications.

If you’ve got the 4G LTE version of the Samsung GALAXY Note II you can download even huge attachments in a flash, and a direct link to the S Planner calendar application means planning an appointment with a key contact can be done in the blink of an eye.

Not sure whether you want to meet in a trendy coffee shop or a more formal setting? With S Planner’s appointment creator you’re only one tap away from activating Google Maps with suggestions on cafes, pubs, restaurants and more nearby where you’re meeting.

The Samsung GALAXY Note II combines raw power with the applications you need when you’re on the go, making it the ultimate tool no matter whether you’re a writer, an artist, an engineer or an IT manager – you know you’ll have what you need on the Note II.