Yahoo Search Terms for 2012 Revealed, Most Shocking Thing is That People Still Use Yahoo

By Chris Mills on at

The most-searched-for-things on Yahoo in 2012 have been revealed, and it's a healthy mix of the always-confusing and stuff that only seasonally befuddles. The most surprising thing of all is that people are still using Yahoo --  though maybe it's basically just the search history of one lonely, under-educated guy stuck in a flat somewhere who hasn't discovered Google.

Top of the list, unsurprisingly, is that unimaginative staple of online search: "how to make money" (handy tip: get off the damned computer and go find a job). The close second is "who unfollowed me", showing that losing virtual friends is only a close second to having real-world money. All the usual suspects like "when do the clocks go back" and "when is Easter" are in there; the most topical one, by far, is "what is a pleb?" -- Andrew Mitchell can rest safe in the knowledge that while he might have got fired, he can still insult people with language that your average commoner wouldn't even understand. The full list, in all its glory, lies below.

- How to make money
- Who unfollowed me?
- How to lose weight
- When do the clocks go back?
- How to write a CV
- When is Easter?
- Who killed Frank Foster?
- What is my IP address?
- What is a pleb?
- How to claim PPI yourself

Before you go bemoaning the state of British society, though, remember that these are people using Yahoo to search. In other words, these are people who can't find out where in Internet Explorer 7 they change the default search provider, since let's be honest, those are the only people left in our isles who don't use that tax-dodging scoundrel Google. [Telegraph]