You Can Actually Buy Your Very Own Halo Warthog Right Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Have you always wanted to cruise around in an awesome Humvee-style tank-of-an-off-roader, complete with gun mounts and more Halo than you can shake a stick at? Well, now you can, for the paltry sum of £17,500 or nearest offer, you can own your very own Warthog.

Peter Cooper, of Operation Chastity, the ambitious Halo fan-flick, has been forced to sell his prized possession: a full recreation of the awesome Warthog built on an old Land Rover Defender chassis. No, it's not road legal, but that means you don't need a licence for it, as you'll only be able to drive this thing on private land anyway.

Want to live out your Halo fantasies? Hit up Peter and make a bid -- £17,500-odd, sounds like a bargain to me. [Twitter via Kotaku]