You Can Now Buy a 4G Nexus 7, Sort of

By Sam Gibbs on at

EE's just announced that you can finally buy yourself some 4G-packing Android tablets, including the Nexus 7, well, kind of. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE is a genuine LTE-equipped tablet you can call your own, but to make the Nexus 7 go 4G, EE's bundling an LTE portable hotspot with it. Not a bad solution, I guess.

The tablets come with steep price plans, though, so it's not exactly a cheap option. The Note 10.1 LTE will cost you from £100 up-front, with the 8GB-a-month plan costing £36 a month. Meanwhile, the Nexus 7-4G hotspot combo will set you back from £30, and, again, £36 a month for 8GB of data.

4G speeds on your phone is awesome, there's no doubt, but on a tablet? HD video streaming really comes alive; it's just a shame 8GB really won't get you that far.