You Can Now Explore the Stunning Earth at Night Just Like a Google Map

By Abi Legge on at

Last week, NASA released the most accurate, highest resolution night image of the Earth to date, aptly naming it "The Black Marble". And my word is it a beautiful sight. Now Google, NASA and NOAA have collaborated to bring us mere earthlings an interactive version of the imagery, so you can explore it for yourself.

It's basically Google Maps after the Sun goes down. Think splashes of gold paint set against a sleepy blue background; our reckless energy consumption may destroy us all, but at least we'll give a positive impression to visiting extra-terrestrials. At the moment the imagery isn't an official Google Maps feature, and it’s not clear whether Google will ever integrate it into its mapping service. But fret not -- you can explore the imagery right here. [Google via TechCrunch]