A Japanese-Style Cat Cafe Could Be Meowing Into, Yup, East London

By Kat Hannaford on at

A regular pub conversation I have with anyone who'll listen is how London really needs a cat cafe. I went to one in Tokyo four years ago, and had to be physically pulled out over there after my allotted time (and tea had been drained).

Maybe you've been to a cat cafe, and know first-hand the pleasure of fondling cats (usually kittens -- which kind of begs the question of where the adult cats are sent to)? If not, back this IndieGoGo campaign and start planning a trip to East London from March.

Lauren Pears, who wants to open the cat cafe as Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, is using crowd-sourcing site IndieGoGo to raise the funds needed -- £108,000 is the goal, apparently. There are 45 days left, so if fondling kitties over a cuppa is your bag, get involved now while there are incentives along the lines of VIP membership and venue hire on offer.

Giz UK cat cafe party, anyone? [IndieGoGo via DigitalSpy]

Image Credit: Kat Hannaford