A Quick Flick Round the Track In a Vintage Porsche? That'll Be £111,000 Please

By Sam Gibbs on at

You might think it's all fun and games being a motoring journalist, and you're probably right for the most part, what with driving awesome cars and all. But there's a serious side to it alright. When the crap hits the fan, things get very expensive indeed, as one poor journalist found out, slapped with a bankrupting £111,000 bill. Ouch.

Apparently Mark Hales, a freelancer for the Telegraph among others, borrowed a vintage £1.25 million 917 Porsche, of which there are only a few left in existence, from ex-F1 driver David Piper. Everything was hunky dory, blitzing round a track until the engine essentially exploded, causing "catastrophic damage". The result was a £40,000 bill just to repair the thing, which had to be shipped out to a specialist in Germany.

Hales was taken to court for the money by Piper, who said that the engine was destroyed by poor gear choices and over-revving, something the classic sports car obviously couldn't take. To Hales' shock, the judge decided in Piper's favour, awarding damages and costs to the ex-F1 man.

All in all, that landed Hales with a colossal £111,000 bill, essentially bankrupting the poor fellow. So you see, it's not all Top Gear out there. Destroy someone's pride and joy and you'll pay the consequences, in this case enough to buy your own damn Porsche. Ouch indeed. [AOL via Press Gazette]

Image credit: Porsche 917 from Shutterstock