A Swedish Police Taskforce Raided a Bunch of Teenagers Playing Call of Duty

By Ashley Feinberg on at

Whether you chalk it up to the hyper-realism of today's video games or an overzealous neighborhood watch program, it's hard to blame the Swedish police who responded to a frantic call reporting what sounded like a brutal massacre. The ten-man team raided the apartment to find a group of teenagers in the midst of a gratuitous and abhorrent bloodbath. Just another friendly night in playing Call of Duty.

After being forced outside by what must have essentially been a SWAT team, the boys were able to explain that the gunshots were entirely virtual and the cries for help merely came when the character of one of the boys (let's call him Sven) was shot several times and left lying on the floor. Sven's alter ego had, presumably, been put out of its misery by the time the police arrived.

Eventually, the police admitted the mistake and left without filing any charges, as the boys' stories aligned and there were, thankfully, no physical wounds. Sven, however, may never be quite the same. [Geek-O-System]