According to You, These Are the Hottest Gadgets of 2013

By Chris Mills on at

A couple weeks back we asked you all, under the cunning guise of a giveaway, to sell us your soul and reveal what gadgets you're looking forward to in 2013. We took the numbers, and our team of slave-minion-analysts have been toiling endlessly since then to crunch the numbers and come up with the ultimate question to life, the universe and everything: what gadget do the Giz UK readers really want? And no, the answer's not 42.

Drumroll please... the answer, a teensy bit surprisingly, is: The Next-Gen Xbox. A close second is Google's Project Glass -- maybe there is public demand for looking like a demented cyborg after all. A tied fourth place goes to the Galaxy S IV and Leap Motion's gesture-based control system, with the iPhone 5s/6/700GTX coming in tied with the Steam console rumour.

Overall, we're proud of you, and the decidedly diverse list of results on show. This just goes to show once and for all that the commenting mind of Gizmodo is a diverse bunch, not just a load of fanboys. Unless our usual bunch of trolls was drowned out by people wanting free stuff, that is.

What about our hottest gadgets of 2013? Well, Sam, our long-suffering news editor, is most looking forward to a phone finally breaking the 6-inch barrier -- "Because there's nothing quite like dining off your Gorilla-Glass-clad phone". Kat? Well, pushing the definition of 'gadget' a little, but there's a little IndieGoGo cat-cafe startup that I think she's responsible for 99 per cent of the funding for, so it's probably that. As for me, I'm still waiting on the delivery of a Kickstartered Pebble smartwatch. If it ever actually gets here, I'll be the happiest e-ink sporting geek in the whole of geekdom.

The full results are included below for your analytical pleasure. (Note the table doesn't include results that only got one vote. Sorry, but as a site we believe in survival of the fittest, and ideas that are lonely and have no friends get left out in the cold and die. Harsh, but fair.)

Image credit: Unveil from Shutterstock