Aliens Are On the Moon

By Sam Gibbs on at

Aliens? In 2013? Could this be the year we finally make contact with extra-terrestrial beings, who are going to enslave the entire human race, or just blow up our planet to make room for an interstellar highway? Maybe, if this video of a UFO flying round our Moon is real.

God knows what this really is -- probably just some sort of artefact on the lens or something -- but you could be forgiven for thinking aliens have landed on the Moon. One tiny-looking craft jets out of the Moon's dark side to blaze over the surface before a second one follows, immediately pulling a 90-degree turn. Both white specks leave what looks like rocket trails behind them too.

Well, that's what UFO nuts are saying anyway. Me? I call bull shit, but hell, it's fun to imagine that one day your boss won't be the only one who rules and ruins your life's ambitions. [YouTube via Daily Mail]