Anonymous Hacker Gets Jailed for 18 Months

By Chris Mills on at

Remember Operation Payback, back in 2010? Anonymous got all pissy about the Wikileaks thing, so they hit PayPal and Visa (among others), DDoSing them to hell. Well, the crack team of hacktivists behind Op Payback are finally facing the music -- some pretty serious jail time.

Northumberland University student Christopher Weatherhead, known as Nerdo to his friends (and presumably a lot of bullies too), was one of the 'masterminds' behind the attacks, which left PayPal £3.5 million out of pocket, and with damage that took 100 employees weeks to fix. The judge didn't like that, and although he pleaded to being 'just another idealistic student', he's been sentenced to 18 months in jail. Ouch. [The Register]