Anonymous Wants DDoS Recognised as an Official Form of Protest

By Gary Cutlack on at

The Anonymous hacking collective has petitioned the White House, using the US government's open forum to ask for DDoS attacks to be registered as an official form of complaint -- and requesting the convictions of previous DDoS attackers be wiped from their records.

The petition does make some sense. Anon claims that a DDoS attack is similar to the modern trend of "occupy" protests, where unshaven anti-capitalists sit inside a branch of Vodafone annoying proper customers with their banners and shouting about tax.

It says a DDoS is the same thing, only virtual, with complainants instead using their computers to occupy a web site and therefore denying users the chance to use it.

Anon doesn't do itself any favours, though, pointing out that the DDoS attack method is little more than "repeatedly hitting the refresh button on a webpage." Which doesn't sound as cool. [White House via The Register]