Another High Street Store Bites the Dust as Jessops Calls It Quits

By Sam Gibbs on at

Another well-known British high street chain has been forced into administration. Jessops, the last remaining camera store chain in the UK, has just folded, with PricewaterhouseCoopers now taking charge. If you had any Jessops vouchers or were hoping to return a camera, you're fat out of luck.

PwC is hoping that it'll be able to salvage the business, rather than shut up shop completely, but it's almost inevitable that stores will close. How many on the 192 high street shops, and how many jobs will be lost, hinges on the back-room discussions currently happening.

It's a sad day for camera enthusiasts, even if you hated Jessops, because it was pretty much the only camera store left standing in the UK, short of a couple of small locals dotted around. On the bright side, there might be some bargains to be had on pricy camera equipment soon, but I doubt that's any conciliation to the 2,000-odd staff Jessops had on its books. At this rate, the UK high street won't have much left, other than coffee shops and 99p stores. [BBC]

Image credit: Jessops from Shutterstock