Apple Products Were the UK's Most 'Unwanted' Christmas Gifts

By Sam Gibbs on at

Ever bought someone the wrong book, or DVD for Christmas? Or how about the wrong gadget? According to Britain's search results, loads and loads of people just plain bought the wrong Apple product for their loved ones. That's because everyone wanted a Nexus 7, right?

According to a new report by Experian, Apple's 'return's policy' was the most searched for of any UK retailer, causing them to speculate that it was 'i' confusion. I guess if you're not exactly tech savvy, and you want to buy your favourite person a new Apple tablet, you might get confused between iPod, iPhone and iPad, maybe? Pah, who am I kidding; not even I buy that. I reckon loads of people got bought an iPad Mini when all they really wanted was a Nexus 7, or the £270 in cash of course.

Anyway, the next four most searched for returns were Argos, Debenhams, Toys R Us, and, err, Harrods. Apparently loads of people bought stuff from Harrods and the receivers weren't exactly chuffed, or maybe they'd rather the oodles of money the stuff was worth? Yeah, that's probably it. [Telegraph]