Apple's App Store Is Finally Cracking Down on the Screenshot Scam

By Ashley Feinberg on at

After years of complaints, scams, and careless screening tactics, Apple's App Store is finally starting to figure itself out. The latest update should stop developers from using misleading screenshots by locking them into place once the app gets approved.

As one of the most widespread app store hoaxes, developers would upload actual screenshots to gain approval and then switch them out with those from a more popular game once the review process ended. Basically, people were being tricked into buying mediocre and often unusable apps posing as all-stars like Halo or Pokemon. The latter even hit the #2 slot in Top Paid apps.

With the new rules, though, screenshots can only be switched out with Apple's approval:

Beginning January 9, app screenshots will be locked in iTunes Connect once your app has been approved. New screenshots may be uploaded when you submit a binary for an update to an existing app or a new app.

Well, better late than never, I guess. [MacRumors]