Apple's Crappy DND Bug Will Apparently Magically Fix Itself, Next Week

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple's arrogance magic seemingly even extends to glitches, as it's Do Not Disturb bug, which proves you shouldn't trust your iPhone as your alarm yet again, will mysteriously fix itself come next Monday. In fact, Apple's not going to bother doing anything about it and will just let people ride it out -- it's not like anyone's actually working yet, right?

Apparently the glitch is being caused by crummy coding on Apple's part and its interaction with the Unix underpinnings of iOS. January 6th marks the last day of the ISO week of 2012 that Unix uses for system timing, after which everything should be hunky dory again. Great, so we just have to sit and wait for it to get better.

Maybe it's time to invest in a proper alarm and ditch using your crappy smartphone to wake you up? [Guardian]