Are These the First Pictures of HTC's New Flagship Phone?

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Android Police is reporting that this leaked photo depicts HTC's rumoured new flagship phone, the M7. It doesn't match up with previous leaked renders—but these seem more plausible.

Primarily, that's because the phone in these images doesn't depart much from HTC's existing style: a neat black rectangle, matt black back, and overall fairly reminiscent of the Droid DNA. Weirdly, though, the device seems to have the usual Android home and multitasking buttons switched—which could cause more than a little confusion.

The screenshot also appears to show the phone running some new software, which Android Police claims is Sense 5.0. If that's the case, it looks pretty good: simplified, sleek and a far cry from the bloated software HTC phones of old used to pack.

Of course, these images might not be of the rumoured M7—hell, they might not be a real HTC phone!—but if they are, don't expect the sleek iPhone replica that previous renders suggested. Chances are we'll find out more at the Mobile World Congress next month. [Android Police via Verge]