Best strategy games for your GALAXY Note II

By Your Mobile Life on at

The expansive screen of the Samsung GALAXY Note II makes it a great choice for playing strategy games that would otherwise be fiddly on smaller screens.

Happily, Android has a wide selection available from hardcore war sims to more fantastical options.

Here is our pick of the best strategy games for your GALAXY Note II.




Fans of The Walking Dead will love this thoughtful turn-based strategy title based on a community of survivors in a zombie-filled city.

You start out with a few blocks of building and must explore outwards, recruiting survivors and clearing out the undead from shopping malls, police stations and hospitals.

The game keeps you on your toes with attacking zombie hordes and random events and there are multiple endings to unlock through replays.


Z Origins


Back in the mid 90s, Z was a groundbreaking early Real-Time Strategy (RTS) title by UK developers The Bitmap Brothers. Z Origins takes that classic game and brings it wholesale onto your GALAXY Note II.

For your money you get 20 levels of fast-paced strategy action as you order squads of robot soldiers into the jaws of battle. The GALAXY Notes II's ample screen is ideally suited to displaying the detailed, old-school graphics and this should be an essential purchase for any strategy nut.


Townsmen 6


A crazily detailed strategic sim set during the French Revolution. Train your forces to take on the might of the king and sow the seeds of revolution with propaganda.

You will need to grow crops and harvest other natural resources to build up your supplies and train your troops well if they are to stand a chance against the king's men.


Call Of Cthulu: The Wasted Land


There have been several attempts to turn the nightmarish horror of H.P. Lovecraft's stories into games but this turn-based strategy title may be the best yet.

At the front line in WWI a small team of parapsychologists and commandos are tasked with investigating a strange cult. Soon, unspeakable horrors from another world are unleashed and they must battle for their lives and sanity.

This is a full-featured skirmish war game with deep rules and plenty of ways to approach any encounter. The WWI setting is well handled, as are the various diabolical beasts from Lovecraft's fevered imagination.


Great Big War Game


The original Great Little War Game is one of the best strategy titles on Android and this sequel refines the game further and adds tons of levels and new features.

If you love the Game Boy Advance classic Advance Wars then this cartoonishly-presented wargame will seem familiar. This is a high quality title and one which will keep you playing for weeks.




At first glance Everlands seems like a simple puzzle game as you slot coloured tiles with animals on them into hexagonal spaces.

In fact, it is a deceptively simple strategy game that requires you to plan your moves and consider the strengths and weaknesses of your pieces with care.



Battle for Mars


This turn-based strategy game puts you in command of robots, tanks and spacecraft to take on aliens in a fight for control of the red planet.

This new version adds multiplayer options for play over the internet and will even notify your opponent of their turn using Google Talk.




This game of galactic conquest feels almost abstract thanks to its stripped-bare presentation. As a result you can concentrate on the tactics necessary to beat your AI opponent.

Galcon comes with five different play modes and real time multiplayer both locally (both players using the same Note II) or over the internet.


Plague Inc


This downright unnerving game puts you in the role of a virus, intent on destroying humanity. You do this by selecting the right traits to evolve by spending DNA points.

You can become more lethal, explore new transmission methods (Rats? Birds? Blood?) or develop resistances to drugs.

All the while the world health authorities are trying to create a cure for you so you must be alert and keep piling on the pressure. A genuinely different game and one that might give you pause for thought.


Total War Battles: SHOGUN


The Total War franchise is one of the PC gaming world's most popular strategy series. Total War Battles offers a somewhat simpler interpretation of the Total War formula, but one that is much better suited to mobile play.

SHOGUN is set in medieval japan and offers many different troop types and a very touch-friendly interface with which to command your troops.