Blizzards, and Now an Earthquake in the East Midlands

By Chris Mills on at

Some days, the weather just chooses to screw with your mind. Today is one of those days. As well as the blizzards that (hopefully) have you stuck at home with your feet up, the UK's also experienced an earthquake big enough to knock stuff off shelves.

The 'quake hit Loughborough with a magnitude of 2.9 on the Richter scale. That's smaller than the 4.1 that struck in Leicestershire in 2001, and a helluva lot smaller than the tsunami-causing 8.9 that wreaked havoc on Japan in 2011. Still, according to the British Geological Survey, it's "pretty big" by UK standards, and would've been powerful enough to shake the tacky ornaments off your mantelpiece or worse, wake you up.

What do you reckon? Is this the apocalypse? Global warming? Some Dan Brownian-mashup of the Illuminati, Scientologists and Ancient Egyptians at work? Of course, it could always be, y'know, coincidence. But my money's still on those sneaky Scientologists. [Metro]