Blockbuster Forced to Call it Quits Too

By Sam Gibbs on at

The poor UK High Street is taking a right battering at the moment. First Comet, then Jessops, then HMV, and now Blockbuster has hurtled into administration. Deloitte's handling this one, along with HMV, and it seems the plan is to keep at least some of the 528 stores open.

According to the BBC, Deloitte's taking over the day-to-day running of the DVD rental emporium, although how long the 528 stores stay open, and the 4,190 employees are kept in a job, we don't know right now. At least Deloitte's saying gift cards will be honoured this time.

Who's next in this recession death procession? It really will just be 99p stores left at this rate. [BBC]

Image credit: Blockbuster from Shutterstock