Britain's Supersonic Robot Stealth Fighter Will Finally Take to the Air This Year

By Chris Mills on at

It's been a long time coming, but Britain should finally claim the crown of Country With The Creepiest/Most Badass UAV this year. Yeah, we've had a prototype robotic UAV bomber lying around in the shed for a while now, but it doesn't actually count until it's flown.

The test flight is slated for later this year, and the Telegraph's saying it's going to happen in Australia. Presumably the test's located in Oz because the British Isles aren't actually big enough to handle this much badassery without exploding. Well, either that, or the remote nature of Australia's outback, combined with a cutting-edge radar network, provide a pretty damn good location to fly a super-secret stealth plane for the first time. But I think the former.

In other drone news, the EuroHawk, some piddly little European effort (ok, so it's actually Europe's largest drone if you're going to be pedantic) has just had its first test flight; though to call the EuroHawk a 'new' drone is like calling the PlayStation 3 Slim a 'whole new games console!!!'; it's actually just a US Global Hawk with a bunch of German sensors bolted on. Nice try Europe, but you can't call that 'your' drone.

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