Buy Yourself a Convincing Internet Girlfriend for £25

By Gary Cutlack on at

Brazillian site NamoroFake takes all the hassle out of finding yourself a woman to share long evenings of stony silence in front of the TV with, creating you a rather cute fake girlfriend account, complete with Facebook status updates and a decent, believable history, for a rather competitive price.

The fake lady friend page will come with some posting history and a selectable number of comments between you and this other woman, with the site putting together a chit-chat history spanning 30 days if you pay the £25 mid-tier price; enough of a cover story to get you through most casual background checks.

Just choose an attainable looking one. No one's going to believe you've pulled a pneumatic carnival queen and have been spending the last month wowing her with your anecdotes about broadband speed test results at Pizza Express. [NamoroFake via Mashable]