Can You Think of a Worse Name Than iPhone Math?

By Chris Mills on at

Ok, so the last couple of days have seen some rumours flying round about an alleged 4.8" iPhone, the "iPhone Math". We didn't post it because the rumours are an absolute crock of bullshit, and we don't want to insult your intelligence. We're better than that, and so are you. But it's worth pointing out that if you're going to fabricate a rumour, for the love of all things holy come up with a better name than "iPhone Math".

According to the China Times, the iPhone Math (Note: it might be iPhone Plus, the translation's uncertain; either way, it's a terrible attempt at naming) will sport a 4.8" screen, launch in June, and come complete with magic unicorns and Tim Cook clones, because this rumour is a steaming pile of crap.

I mean seriously. We know that Steve Jobs was bad at names, but "iPhone Math"? What is this thing, a frigging iOS-powered calculator? Is 'Math' meant to represent the "simplicity and elegance of maths, translated to the physical world" or somesuch marketing crap? I don't know, but either way -- true or false -- it's a shitty name ,either for a product, or for a rumour.

I mean, it wouldn't even work in the UK (and Apple, if you think that you can single-handedly get us to use "math" instead of "maths" in the UK, jog on). In fact, I think it's the worst name of all time. What do you reckon -- can you come up with anything more god-awful? [Cult of Mac]